What is RCK?

RCK is Electronic Check Re-presentment, a process where an insufficient check is converted to an electronic transaction and sent back through the check writer’s account for collection through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. After the first deposit of the paper check, ACH governing body rules allow an RCK item to be represented twice for payment.

Why use RCK?

RCK is the most effective method of collecting checks returned for Insufficient Funds. The probability of collection increases with the use of RCK because we choose the most opportune dates for re-presentment.

What are the limitations of RCK?

The maximum RCK amount is less than $2,500.00. The check must be a personal check instead of a business check, and must be less than 180 days old.

What happens to checks not eligible for RCK?

Checks are entered into the CheckAlert system for collection. A letter of demand is sent to the check writer requesting payment. CheckAlert’s staff of collection professionals will then begin a collection campaign via telephone to contact each check writer to discuss payment options. If a check is not paid within sixty (60) days after receipt in CheckAlert’s offices, it is referred to the appropriate prosecuting attorney for collection under statutory law in the state where the check was presented for payment.

Is there a charge for collection of non-RCK checks?

There is no additional charge for collection of these items. All checks are housed at CheckAlert’s operations office located at 5020 Northshore Drive in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Checks are never sent to secondary sources for collection.

What is the CheckAlert process?

The merchant bank will send all dishonored items to CheckAlert for collection. Insufficient Funds checks are converted and processed electronically. Checks returned for any other reason are entered into the CheckAlert system and letters of demand are generated to the check writer the next business day.

Is there a charge for the CheckAlert service?

CheckAlert’s service is FREE to merchant clients! CheckAlert’s revenue is derived from a portion of the fee charged to the check writer.

Does CheckAlert provide check verification?

Yes! If a merchant requests check verification at the point of sale, CheckAlert will install equipment allowing access to its Electronic Check Verification (ECV) system. The merchant may verify checks through the CheckAlert website for a nominal monthly fee. If the Merchant does not have internet access at the point of sale, the equipment cost is a one-time charge of Fifty Dollars ($50) and the monthly access charge is nominal. This service is not required but is provided as a courtesy option to merchant clients.

How do I receive payment for collected checks?

CheckAlert will pay each merchant client on a bi-weekly basis for collections via paper check and will include a statement of remittance detailing payments made. The remittance statement and paper check provide the merchant with a clear record of collection activity.

Does CheckAlert provide an image of my returned check for my records?

Images of returned checks are provided on the CheckAlert website. To obtain access to these records you must request access and provide information necessary for CheckAlert to provide this service. You will be given a User ID and Password to access the website at your convenience.

How do I track progress of my collections?

You may log in to the CheckAlert website and view collection progress, as well as obtain images of returned checks.

Does CheckAlert notify me when checks are returned to my account?

Yes. If you will provide an email address to CheckAlert, you will receive an email notifying you of the receipt of a check at CheckAlert’s offices. The email is sent the day after the check is entered for collection. The email is a backup to your bank’s notification to you of a returned item.

Can I take payment for checks in my business?

No. Payment must be made through CheckAlert since we have the original copy of the check.

***You should not accept payment for checks sent to CheckAlert for collection for two reasons. First, Insufficient Funds checks are sent back for collection electronically. You will not know whether the check has been collected. Second, if a check has been referred for prosecution the court does not allow the Merchant or CheckAlert to accept payment. The check writer must deal with the court. You should call CheckAlert to discuss the status of the check when payment is offered. We will advise you of the status and the amount due, and tell you whether payment may be made at your location.

Each merchant client will be provided with a Welcome kit containing notification stickers which are required for display in the business in order to notify each check writer of the check collection process. The same language is used on billing statements when checks are expected in payment.

If access to the CheckAlert ECV system is desired the merchant client should contact CheckAlert to enroll and schedule installation of equipment at the merchant client’s convenience. A CheckAlert technician will install equipment and train the merchant client in the use of the system.

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