School Recovery Program

A Check Collection Program Specifically Designed for Schools

The Leader In Check Recovery!

Now you may take checks for student fees, cafeteria programs, and activity programs with confidence! CheckAlert will take the responsibility of collecting returned checks off of your administrative team with our 100% check guarantee!

The CheckAlert School Check Recovery Program guarantees that 100% of the face value of returned checks will be reimbursed to the school or district in just one week! The service is FREE and set-up is easy. CheckAlert will provide a simple Service Agreement and a Bank Authorization for signatures.  After that, your bank will automatically send all checks to CheckAlert for collection. Your bank will send all checks directly to CheckAlert and we will notify you of all returns.

And, if your district chooses the CheckAlert option of Centralized Returns, we will facilitate the reconciliation of all of your bank accounts into a much easier task than before, while saving the district as much as 80% of the fees now charged to you by banks for the return of checks to school accounts.

Back Office Conversion or Remote Deposit Capture is easy and fast. Let us help you save time and money!

CheckAlert provides several convenient payment methods to make it easy on parents to redeem checks. Our representatives are courteous, prompt and efficient. They understand that parents are busy and sometimes make mistakes, so rest assured that parents will be treated kindly, and with patience and understanding, when they need to redeem a check at CheckAlert.

Let CheckAlert custom-design a program for your school or district! You will receive our 100% guarantee along with fast, personal service and online reporting.

In business since 1989, CheckAlert is a leader in check collection. CheckAlert is the best choice for your check recovery needs.

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Let CheckAlert custom-design a program for your school or your district!

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